Custom Cosmetic Boxes are the Key to a Successful Launch of your Beauty and Makeup Products

Makeup, beauty, and personal care essentials can be displayed in such a way that it can make or break customers’ opinions regarding the products. Using custom cosmetic boxes, you can attract customers and generate interest in your brand. Make your brand stand out with premium custom cosmetic boxes tailored to your needs! Our printing company prides itself on producing high-quality custom cosmetic boxes that meet our clients’ presentation, distinction, and branding requirements. The design of an eye-catching custom cosmetic box is completely up to you at Creative Packaging Boxes. Your custom cosmetic boxes can be designed using a variety of sizes, coatings, stocks, and add-ons to meet your aesthetic requirements. Whenever necessary, our packaging experts offer step-by-step assistance to help you utilize all design elements more effectively.

We use top-grade materials, printing inks, and innovative printing and die-cutting techniques to create top-quality custom cosmetic boxes at market-competitive prices. Therefore, choosing custom-printed boxes with eye-catching artwork and luxurious coatings is possible to capture buyers’ attention. Make your cosmetic boxes stand out and attract both female and male buyers by choosing premium stocks and adding beautiful finishes that add the final touch of glam to your cosmetic boxes. Make your cosmetic boxes irresistible and gift-worthy by embellishing them with decorative elements. Unboxing experiences with custom die-cut inserts are enhanced by striking visuals; unique die-cut shapes and styles provide a captivating visual experience. Call our experts at 7438879019 today to get started!

Customise your cosmetic box packaging to build long-lasting brand recognition.

The packaging of products influences the purchasing decision of nearly 75% of British consumers. With fierce competition among cosmetic brands, Custom Boxes Near Me’s customised cosmetic packaging products can help your brand stand out.

Packaging for cosmetics with a creative design

Our selection of cosmetic packaging boxes will amaze you!

· Beard oil Boxes,

· eye shadow Boxes

· Eyeliner Boxes

· Lip gloss Boxes

· Nail polish Boxes

· Hair spray Boxes

· Eyelash Boxes

· Hair Extensions Boxes

· Mascara Boxes

· Lotion Boxes

· Foundation Boxes

· Cleanser Boxes

We offer a variety of customised cosmetic packaging solutions that allow you to express your individuality. Our team of experienced professionals knows which ideas will best complement your product, and we create perfect boxes to meet all your requirements. We invite you to contact us or email our experienced staff if you need further assistance. We are eager to assist you!

Custom Cosmetic Boxes: Essentials for a Truly Distinctive Look

Making a good first impression on makeup, skincare, and personal care products is important. When displaying your cosmetic products on shelves, showcasing them online, or sending out deliveries, custom cosmetic boxes with eye-catching designs and appearances are essential to conveying the quality and true value of their contents.

You may customise your box with colours to match the cosmetic’s speciality inside it, giving you complete control over the appearance and feel of your box. Winter moisturising lotions and creams may benefit from warmer tones. Choosing cooler colours for summer whitening creams and facial tubes is always advisable. Purchasing organic essential oils and body oils from natural sources will make an excellent statement of care and responsibility if the palette is eco-friendly. It would be most appropriate to select universal and gender-neutral colours for unisex Hair and face oils that both men and women can use. Creating positive brand associations among potential customers will attract people to the brand.

Research has shown that 93% of customers make their purchase decisions based on what kind of features cosmetics packed into boxes offer and what beauty benefits they can expect after using the product. To convert potential buyers into actual purchasers, display product images and images of after-use cosmetics on the packaging. Women are always seeking lipstick shades that are unique and eye-catching. Yours and a visual demonstration of the product after application would likely entice potential customers to purchase. To assist potential buyers during the purchasing process, it would be helpful if you had a full-colour photograph showing the wavy or straight form of the hair extensions printed directly on the boxes.

Your product copy will be more effective if you use custom fonts. It is vital to quickly grasp product and application information to convince buyers to purchase. By printing product benefits, application instructions, and FDA approval messages in bold and cursive fonts on boxes, it teaches buyers and assists them in selecting appropriate products – this works particularly well when selling cosmetic items such as bath bombs, soap, foundations and serums or other personal care items requiring specific information before purchase.

We offer flawless custom cosmetic boxes to help you make a lasting impression! Using state-of-the-art technology and premium printing materials, your vision is brought to life flawlessly. From vibrant colours to intricate design details, we ensure that your cosmetics look fantastic and feel premium, capturing the essence of your brand and making every unboxing experience enjoyable. You deserve nothing less than perfection–and that is exactly what we deliver: every box, every detail is free of defects!

Here are some more ways to decorate your custom cosmetic boxes

As you now understand which artwork and design elements can enhance your packaging’s aesthetics, it is important to understand how material selection impacts its crispness and overall effectiveness.

Select one of the following materials to help you realise your vision:

Paperboard: You should choose paperboard if your brand requires vivid, lifelike colours that are true to its brand identity. Paperboard is an excellent way to present small- to medium-sized cosmetic products as it can be printed in a variety of colours using a variety of printing processes.

Rigid: It may be a good idea to use rigid boxes to create an unforgettable unboxing experience that impresses and protects you. Rigid boxes are constructed of thick paperboard that offers maximum protection from shocks and drops during shipping. Custom inserts or decorative embellishments can further enhance the appearance of rigid boxes.

Kraft: If sustainability is at the heart of your brand’s message, choose materials made from recyclable materials, such as Kraft, which provide chic and natural looks without sacrificing print quality. Additionally, this material is well suited to both single-colour and full-colour printing; it is even suitable for white printing.

Your Brand’s Needs are Customised

We at Custom Boxes UK are dedicated to flawlessly bringing your vision to life. Custom Boxes Near Me specialises in custom cosmetic boxes made of high-quality materials with vibrant colour schemes tailored to your needs. We use top-quality supplies to ensure your custom-printed cosmetic boxes stand out.

Make Your Unveiling Experience More Special With Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Customers seek more than just a visually appealing package for crafting effective custom cosmetic boxes – they want an unforgettable product experience from unboxing to product arrangement that leaves them satisfied and proud of their choice. This requires striking design, impeccable printing, and premium materials.

A successful unboxing experience should go beyond visual appeal, making the customer feel privileged to have the opportunity to interact with the product. Creating an unforgettable customer experience begins with each opening and closing motion.

Two-Piece Boxes: These unique packages can create an eye-catching package, creating a luxurious lift-off experience for fragrances, serums, and other luxury items. Adding custom foam inserts can enhance elegance and protection while offering a variety of shapes and materials to match any brand’s aesthetic requirements.

Sleeve Boxes:  Slide-to-reveal boxes offer an engaging experience that can be tailored according to your brand’s theme. Because of their convenient design, they are ideal for packaging eyelashes, mascaras, and similar products. Let us design a custom sleeve box that truly represents your company.

Tuck-End Boxes:   A tuck-end box is convenient for customers to open and close, facilitating product accessibility. Until their unveiling, their dust flaps protect the cosmetics contained within them.

There is no size too large or too small. It is important to consider the size of your product when packaging a single item or multiple packs. For the best packaging experience every time, Custom Boxes UK provides customised sizes tailored to meet your specific requirements.

We at Custom Boxes Near Me are dedicated to realising your creative ideas flawlessly. We guarantee 100% error-free printing and cutting at highly competitive prices regardless of the design, material, or size you require.

Experience of your brand for consumers.

Notably, 70% of cosmetic consumers are women and visual stimuli strongly influence them, so you must pay attention to the quality of custom cosmetic boxes. We have selected a few handpicked finishes and foiling options to enhance its allure and luxury.

Gloss Finish

Add a luxurious mirror-like shine to the unboxing experience. With every glance at its stunning glow, glossy finishes add vibrancy and prestige to the packaging.

Matte Finish

Matte finishes are ideal for brands seeking to convey a subtle, refined elegance. Customers searching for subdued luxury will appreciate matte finishes, which offer soft, non-reflective surfaces that ooze sophistication when touched.

Spot UV

Vibrant accents can add depth and texture to your packaging, drawing the eye in and highlighting specific design elements. In addition to attracting buyers, these shimmering accents will enhance their perception of value – resulting in an unforgettable purchase experience.

Hot Stamping: 

Using hot stamping, you can impress your customers with luxurious packaging. This technique is typically applied to logos and brand names to give them an opulent metallic sheen in gold or silver.

Every detail is carefully considered.

To produce custom cosmetic boxes that meet your specifications, we use cutting-edge finishing technologies and apply them with exceptional precision and care. As a result of our meticulous attention to detail, we can produce visually appealing and tactilely satisfying products that stand out among competing products in an increasingly competitive market.

With custom cosmetic boxes, your cosmetic products will look better on shelves.

Standout cosmetic products always sell like hotcakes. There is no doubt that cosmetic brands are aware of this fact, so they are constantly seeking innovative ways to differentiate their offerings and attract consumers’ attention. Cosmetic brands can choose a custom shape which meets product structure requirements and standout requirements by having custom-made cosmetic boxes made from scratch. The following are some popular shapes for custom cosmetic boxes.


Packaging symmetrical cosmetic items in cosmetic boxes is an innovative and protective method. In addition to adding style to your products, their strikingly amazing appearance increases shelf appeal at the same time. These custom cube boxes can be manufactured in cardboard or Kraft materials to accommodate any size, design, or style required for any makeup or beauty product packaging. It is ideal for packaging creams, blushes, beard balms, bath bombs and beauty masks.


In addition to adding elegance to makeup gift items, cosmetic boxes can increase sales. The attractive design of these cosmetic boxes draws customers to their shelves. At the same time, the handle on the top makes it convenient to transport various cosmetic products in style. These boxes are ideal for essentials, beards, and lotions due to the die-cut window and divider options available on Kraft and cardboard.


 Pyramid cosmetic boxes add an eye-catching touch and a sense of distinction to any product displayed on shelves. Featuring three side panels customised with artwork or embellishments to add to the shelf’s grandeur. It is ideal for perfume bottles, makeup kits, and eyelash boxes.

Pillow Boxes

Compared to traditional square and rectangular cosmetic boxes, cosmetic boxes shaped as pillows provide a unique way to add visual interest and appeal; various pillow boxes are available in cardboard or Kraft materials and can be customised in size and die-cut window options. These are excellent solutions for boxes used for wigs, eyelashes, and hair extensions.


A rectangular-shaped cosmetic box offers a stylish yet classy presentation of long and unusually shaped cosmetics due to its compact design and long shape. The packaging for beauty and makeup products can be customised with any size, style, and insert requirements without sacrificing style, including rigid cardboard and Kraft materials – ideal for packaging lotions, serums, foundations, eyeliner, shampoos, and face oils.

Custom cosmetic boxes can be shaped, coated, or finished any way you desire. Please contact our experts if you would like a custom quote or have a specific request, and we will create one that is identical to your request within a short period. A 3D mockup enables you to visualise how the overall box design will appear. At the same time, a physical prototype allows you to verify the shape and coating of the box.

The importance of durability in custom cosmetic boxes: an organisational imperative

As cosmetics are exposed to environmental factors such as moisture and sunlight, robust packaging must ensure they remain secure from breakage and leakage. To ensure customers’ peace of mind upon delivery, it is imperative that your packaging acts as a reliable protection for the contents.

Maintaining structural integrity

Custom cosmetic boxes should be designed with durability in mind. Choose materials and sizes that effectively enclose your products to minimise movement and damage risks. High-strength cardboard custom cosmetic boxes are designed to protect against physical shocks or impacts effectively.

Protective Coatings

 are provided by surface treatments. Surface treatments against the effects of the environment provide additional layers of protection. You can protect your cosmetics against moisture, dust and sunlight by choosing Custom Boxes Near Me’s protective coatings.


Its packaging experts are at your service, helping you choose the right materials for your packaging needs, ranging from durable cardboard to eco-friendly kraft paper to luxurious rigid boxes. Our goal is to create boxes that are not only visually appealing but also structurally sound based on your specific product dimensions and protective requirements.

Materials Sourced for Strength

To ensure that your products remain free from leaks, breakages, and environmental damage, our materials are responsibly sourced and constructed. From strength to environmental resistance, customisation encompasses more than just design; you are free to select the material that is best suited to your needs.

The commitment to quality runs deep at Custom Boxes Near Me. A commitment to detail and creating stylish and durable custom cosmetic boxes for our clients is unwavering – hallmarks of excellence that should be aligned with their promise. Our company provides custom cosmetic boxes that are both stylish and robust.

The use of custom cosmetic boxes can maximise in-store placement and drive sales.

Over 80% of cosmetic purchases are still made in physical retail stores, underscoring the importance of designing custom cosmetic boxes strategically. Creating a package design that captures more market share while convincing retailers to display your product prominently in retail aisles, countertops, and peg hooks is paramount. We have compiled some of our most popular retail display designs to enhance your in-store marketing efforts.

A successful checkout counter relies heavily on display boxes.

These boxes are designed to sit at eye level on checkout counters to maximise visibility and engage customers for impulse purchases. High walls provide ample storage and product information, with die-cut inserts and punch partitions that aid in the organisation of multiple products simultaneously. With the ability to be assembled effortlessly, these marketing tools make a powerful marketing statement for lip balms, mascaras, and foundations alike!

Mobile and Visible Hang Tab Boxes

A custom-crafted hang tab box maximises the exposure of your product. These hang tab boxes include a tab that allows them to be hung anywhere within a store and die-cut windows to preview products, making them an ideal platform for launching new products such as eyelashes, eyebrow pencils and lip balms. Their design can be tailored to meet your specific requirements using durable materials like Kraft or cardboard.

Convenient Grab-and-Go Solution with Dispenser Boxes

A perforated opening on dispenser boxes makes accessing the product on the go easy. The sturdy construction of these displays offers secure display on countertops. It is ideal for products like lip gloss or cream pouches with rapid purchase cycles.

An All-Rounder: Flat Bottom Boxes

Any retail environment will benefit from flat-bottom boxes because they can stack effectively and provide a long-term storage solution. The foldable and locking flaps simplify assembly and allow them to adapt to various surfaces. They are available in corrugated cardboard, SBS paperboard, and Kraft versions. They can also be customised to meet your specific requirements. They are perfect for creams, perfumes, and hair extensions!

Quality and precision are guaranteed.

Our Custom Boxes Near Me team recognises the importance of box design in improving product visibility and customer accessibility. Our custom cosmetic boxes are crafted using cutting-edge technology, skilled craftsmanship, and high-grade materials. We aim to make your ordering experience smooth, painless, and enjoyable.

Why Choose Us for Premium Custom Cosmetic Boxes?

Custom Boxes Near Me has become the packaging solution for thousands of UK businesses through our professionalism, affordability, and top-notch services. You will benefit from partnering with us for custom cosmetic boxes for the following reasons:

We provide an efficient ordering process.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we provide 3D and physical mockups for you to review before placing an order. All you need is a choice of packaging style, quantity, material, and dimensions that meet your needs, then customise it with unique images, text, colours, coatings, or additional features.

Quantity flexibility

Orders of any size are welcome, from as few as 50 boxes to bulk orders of 50,000 boxes or more. To provide you with exactly what you need when you need it, our facilities can handle both small and large runs.

Timelines for rush production

If time is of the essence, our rush production option guarantees your boxes will be ready within 7-10 days.

No hidden fees, competitive pricing

At our business, we are proud to offer competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of our products. You will receive free design assistance with all orders, no die-plate charges, hidden fees, and complimentary shipping.

Are you ready to get started?

Are you looking forward to starting? Let Custom Boxes UK assist you with your next custom cosmetic box order! To get started, please get in touch with us at 7438879019

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