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Using our beautiful candle boxes, you can make it your own when selling candle scents. We offer a wide variety of candle boxes, including inserts and more. Make your customized candle packaging stand out from the crowd by taking inspiration from our gallery of candle packaging ideas. There are a variety of candle boxes available in any size you can imagine. Candle boxes are designed to match your items perfectly. Candle boxes are made from high-quality cardboard and come in various coating options, such as high gloss or soft matte, to ensure a smooth and flawless finish. Get a free price quote today for your personalized candle boxes with free delivery and no minimum requirements

You can purchase candle boxes that have vibrant designs and are made of sturdy cardboard.

Want to enhance an unboxing experience for your customers by displaying your candle scents elegantly and classically? Custom Boxes UK is the right choice if you are searching for the perfect candle container solution. Explore and discover ideas for creating custom candle boxes that bring your brand’s message to life in custom-designed, durable, long-lasting packaging. To ensure the success of your candle packaging, we use only high-quality cardboard with a protective finish that provides superior protection. It is ideal for displaying candle jars on retail shelves or selling directly to customers online in candle box packaging.

You can enhance your Candle Boxes with premium features and add-ons.

Please choose from our wholesale candle box gallery above to give your customers a lasting impression of your company’s name by adding premium accessories such as Gold Foil or Window Patching. With the assistance of our packaging experts, you will be able to obtain the candles that you deserve without breaking the bank.

You should specify the dimensions of your candle box (length, width, height, and depth). Boxes of various sizes can be created for you by us. In addition, we can provide samples of candles we can customize before making them in bulk quantities to guarantee that the box will be a good match for your candle.

Candle Shipping Boxes are made from durable, strong cardboard that can withstand multiple handlings.

We design and manufacture corrugated candle boxes if you plan to ship the candles directly to your clients. By doing so, you will be able to receive your candle jars with an additional layer of security. In addition, we create candle boxes with an insert that provides a greater degree of protection against mishandling or damage during transportation.

A candle box made from 14-point paper. There is sufficient strength in the cardboard stock to allow it to be displayed independently. The advantage of these devices is that they are lightweight and affordable. We use the standard 18-point paper for our candle boxes—a thicker and more solid cardboard stock.

It is available in 24 points of thickness. As a result, your products have the strongest choice.

With Candle Gift Boxes, you have complete freedom of choice when it comes to the style and design of the box on both the inside and outside.

To meet our clients’ needs, we can already offer a variety of sizes. Our customers may also select from several alternative options, including coatings (soft touch matte for a smoother finish to a high gloss for a sparkling finish to the colors you have printed) and other options (such as window patching and gold foil) to customize your candle packaging to meet your specific requirements.

Mock-ups that show digital designs before they are produced

A custom mock-up of your design and layout for your boxes is created by our design team so that if there are any changes needed, we can make them before moving on to mass production. Visit our gallery for ideas on candle packaging. In addition, if you need assistance with this, we can help you mix and match any variant of boxes.

The candle holder style can be completely customized. Candle Boxes

Packaging candles in drawers with a logo is essential for retail brands to ensure the security of their items. Is it possible to enhance brand recognition and generate new sales using drawer-style candle boxes with logos? According to the research, attractive packaging triggers the reward-oriented part of the brain. This is the part of the brain that triggers impulse purchases! Therefore, the quality of your packaging boxes may determine the success or failure of your sales campaign. Most of the time, it is the difference between the customer moving towards the store and placing the item in their shopping cart. They choose alternatives.

Using the power of packaging to boost sales and marketing strategies is our goal at Custom Boxes Near Me. Using our custom-designed packaging boxes is a cost-effective method of accomplishing this goal. You should be aware of this before placing a bulk or small-run order.

Is a drawer-style candlebox a custom-printed item?

What is a custom candle drawer box with a logo? You can store your retail items in these custom-designed boxes and impress your customers with their stunning appearance on the shelves. In addition, candles can also be used in the e-commerce process. Besides providing security to your products, they can convey your brand’s values and distinguish your products from your competitors.

The candle-shaped boxes with logos must be constructed from high-quality materials to be effective. A high-quality design and feel are added to the box to protect it from damage. A well-designed box can become a hallmark of your brand, allowing people to instantly identify your product by its appearance. The possibilities are endless for creating a personalized candle-drawer-style box branded with your company’s logo. No matter what the concept shape, size, or form of your container may be, there is no distance too great between us and it.

Let’s say you are a company that produces food or beverages, a cosmetic brand, or a clothing retailer. In this case, we offer an exclusive drawer-style candle box with your logo. Finally, our drawer-style candle boxes can be customized with logos in various ways. Our custom packaging experts will transform your vision into an actuality – at a price that fits within your budget – no matter what idea you have for custom-designed candle packaging with a logo. The shape, color, texture, and size of your packaging can be customized from corner to corner.

Candle boxes with drawers are available in a variety of styles and materials.

Customized Boxes  provides custom-designed boxes that meet your product’s shape, size, and weight and meet your marketing objectives. You can rely on us to provide everything from standard drawer-style candle packaging (without printing) to fully personalized, full-color drawer-style candle boxes displaying your company logo.

Custom candle boxes with inserts are available in several classic styles, with the straight tuck being the most popular. In this type of container, the top and bottom are tucked into the same area, making it easy to construct.

There are, however, other types of candleboxes that can be customized with a logo. For example, assume you are searching for a reverse tuck-end box, an auto-bottom box, or a snapped-lock box at the bottom. In such a case, every request is within the ability of our team of packaging experts, capable of custom designing and creating packaging. You may contact our team if you need assistance with your custom-made boxes – free of charge!

Using the customized boxes you choose from your preferred materials, your products will stand out on the shelves or online. There are many options available when it comes to custom-made premium candle boxes with your logo on them, including:

Packaging for folding cartons

We manufacture cartons that fold using flexible and thin cardstock (mainly linen), which is ideal for soap, medicine, small cosmetics, small sweets, and other light items.

Corrugated Candle Packaging

Our team can design and customize containers that resemble drawers and feature corrugated logos for heavier items, such as perishables or items that will be handled roughly. In addition to serving as containers for cosmetics, spices, and other items, these boxes may also be used to store glass bottles of wine.

Corrugated boards are recommended for point-of-purchase displays (POP). Depending on their size, corrugated cardboard or corrugated material can be compact enough to be placed on countertops during checkouts or large enough to stand on shelves during displays.

Rigid Candle Boxes

Whether your box contains consumer electronics equipment, jewelry, chocolates, perfume bottles, or a kit for skincare, custom-designed boxes can help elevate your brand’s image.

A wide range of companies trust us.

We offer drawer-style candle boxes with lightweight logos that are highly customizable and are designed to make your products stand out. Various sizes and styles are available, and various digital printing options exist.

Despite this, we understand that this world may seem confusing to some. Dielines RGB, CMYK, aqueous coatings, and Pantone matching systems play important roles during design. Nevertheless, they may sound like a completely different language.

Our packaging experts can assist you at every stage of the packaging process. Please submit a quote request, and we will match you with a packaging expert who will assist you in creating the drawer-style candle packaging you have always dreamed of.

The following are some of the reasons our customers return to us repeatedly for their customized drawer-style candle boxes:

· A full range of in-house artists and printing experts provide end-to-end packaging expertise to help you bring your creative vision to life so that your customized printed box stands out. Our expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm will allow us to deliver custom-designed boxes and drawer candle packaging with a logo that will impress your customers and customers alike. We will assist you in creating the perfect packaging and ensuring that the package is precisely appropriate in size and shape to ensure the security of your items.

· We live in a fast-paced world when it comes to retail. You must be able to fulfill orders quickly – and packaging plays an important role in this process. For every custom-designed box we produce, we offer a rapid turnaround time. We will deliver your boxes for standard orders within 8-10 business days. We can deliver the boxes within four days if you require them urgently. Are all orders free of charge as well?

· Free access to a wide array of packaging designers who specialize in customized packaging! Box designers at our company are skilled artists who transform cardboard boxes into powerful marketing tools. Suppose you have a finalized idea or require assistance. A team of highly skilled designers will then be able to create stunning designs that will meet your expectations.

· Sustainability is not simply the latest buzzword; it is a primary focus. Our way of life is based on this philosophy. Our drawer-style candle boxes are designed with Sustainability in mind. To develop environmentally sustainable packaging solutions, we continually innovate as a business. Our online drawer-style candle boxes can be found in corrugated or eco-friendly Kraft boxes, allowing your business to contribute to the circular economy.

· Material quality Custom-made wholesale candle holders with drawer designs and logos may look beautiful and stylish; however, they are extremely sturdy, with paperweight options ranging from 10 points to 28 points.

· You can customize the packaging to meet your needs without color restrictions. To ensure your shipping boxes are as stunning as possible, we offer complete digital CMYK printing at no additional charge.

· We are committed to supporting you throughout the process. Every aspect of our business revolves around customer service. It would help if you got the advice of a reliable supplier rather than relying on an online design tool. You can contact our customer service team 24 hours a day if you have any questions, are interested in learning more about the manufacturing process, or are unsatisfied with the finished product.

Do you feel ready to begin? Contact Custom Boxes Near Me today to order drawer-style Candle boxes.

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