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It is important to stand out from the crowd when you use custom pet packaging. It has become very saturated in the pet food and accessories packaging industry, as has its industry as a whole. The best pet food packaging uk will help your brand stand out in the market.

A leading custom pet food packaging supplier in the United Kingdom is Custom Packaging Boxes. Our company specializes in the packaging of pet foods and treats. We ensure that our clients receive the best product according to their specifications through Custom Packaging Boxes. Our company also manufactures custom pet food pouches. Custom pet food packaging must be constructed from a variety of materials. The decision will have a significant impact on the cost of the project, as well as other factors associated with printing.

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We provide a wide selection of pet food packaging solutions, including the popular quad seal bags, the more premium flat bottom bags with or without zippers, or the convenient stand-up pouches.

We also offer paper laminated and texture varnished bags, as well as mono-material PE laminated bags and PP woven bags.

Pet Food Packaging Solutions

Custom packaging boxes have also evolved in this sector to keep up with market demands. The purpose of packaging has changed from merely protecting goods throughout the supply chain and displaying them on shelves to being a weapon in the fight for shelf space and consumer attention. It is imperative that packaging reflects the product within and connects with the consumer. Packaging plays an important role in elevating brand image, driving sales, and connecting with consumers, whether it contains HD print on tactile lacquer for gourmet treats or paper effect packaging for products illustrating natural ingredients.

In the pet food aisles, you will find a variety of packaging formats. There is a growing trend towards frozen foods, and in recent years, wet pet food has become more popular. Packaging needs to meet the specific requirements of the product. A more sustainable packaging solution should also be considered. The end of life of the packaging must also be considered, whether it is by evaluating recyclable solutions, utilizing laminates of less complex materials, or moving to lighter-weight packaging.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and a technical team with extensive experience and expertise, we are well-positioned to assist pet food and treat brands with the development and production of sustainable Custom Packaging Boxes.

Pet food, treats, and pet care products can all be packaged in Custom Packaging Boxes that are convenient, versatile, and functional.

In today’s society, many people choose to maintain pets as part of their lifestyle. Pet owners typically have busy schedules and are unable to prepare, feed, and care for their animals on a regular basis. The flexibility of Custom Packaging Boxes offers many advantages, including easy opening and resealing technologies, as well as carrying handles for comfort and durable formats that require less storage space.

We provide high-quality packaging solutions to some of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world in response to the rise of premiumization in the pet food market. Let our team of specialists help you specify the right materials and finish your pack in a way that is consistent with your brand identity. In order to adapt to changing consumer trends and scale production in response to changing demand, we offer a full range of print capabilities. All of your pet food products can be packaged with one of our packaging solutions, regardless of the type of product.

The benefits of custom pet food packaging

  • Freshness
    • The benefits of Custom Packaging Boxes include maintaining and extending the shelf life of your pet food product. Our products are manufactured using only the highest quality materials with a variety of barrier properties to meet your requirements.
  • Convenience
    • Custom Packaging Boxes are suitable for pet food products ranging in size from 100g to 30kg. Global pet food brands prefer Custom Packaging Boxes because of the ease of opening and closing, as well as the minimum storage requirements.
  • Sustainability
    • Growing demand for organic pet food and eco-conscious consumers has led Foxpak to develop a range of recyclable packaging solutions for pet food producers.

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