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Do you need custom presentation boxes? You have come to the right place. We provide our customers with high-quality and useful boxes. We enable you to make your products more beautiful, functional, and stylish. Sometimes, more than one custom packaging box will be required geographically and visually.

The presentation of your product will be the true winner that provides you with the maximum added value, so whether you need a shipping box that is a bit different to lend an appearance to something you wish to ship, we are here to assist you. With Custom Boxes Near Me, you can keep your products protected while making your presentations stand out.

Cardboard bases provide a stable platform for displaying products. At the same time, vivid colours and translucent material allow light to pass through to showcase the product on the inside. Present your products in style with these custom presentation boxes.

These custom boxes are not only elegantly eye-catching but also sturdy and durable. With a luxury package, you can transport your audience to a place of wonder where they can receive their purchase in style. As a gift for your customers, these presentation boxes will highlight the best features of your product. Colours and patterns can be customized. Please provide us with your specifications, and we will make it happen

Options for Presentation Boxes

We have a great deal. We offer The following types of boxes

  • Custom Gift boxes,
  • Trophy and Award boxes,
  • Color Graphic boxes,
  • Foil Stamped boxes, and
  • Rigid Presentation boxes.

We have a talented team of custom presentation box designers here at CBNM, so feel free to bring your box design. I am available to assist you.

Your customers will be delighted and surprised.

Want to make the first impression on your customers more impactful with branded presentation boxes? We offer stylish and sturdy presentation boxes that protect your products from harm and ensure they arrive in style. With our consultation and printing services, you can create presentation boxes to send products with an extra touch of class. We offer a wide range of eye-catching custom cardboard presentation boxes and stylish mailer packaging to meet your needs Depending on your needs, we provide customized solutions.

Make giving presents more enjoyable.

Our company has helped thousands of businesses send products to their clients as stylishly as possible. We offer a range of elegant presentation boxes for sending your company’s portfolio, greeting card, gift or any other item to clients. Our consultation services can assist you in making your corporate gift packaging more attractive. With high-quality printing, structural integrity, and embellishment options, we provide a wide range of custom packaging and printed gift boxes. Our assistance can help you design the perfect box for any occasion, from birthdays to corporate gifts.

Engage employees in a style that dazzles them.

Our presentation boxes are of the highest quality and designed to the last detail. Our elegant boxes are perfect for presenting welcome kits in style and offering multiple items in one package to newly hired employees. With us, you can choose from a wide range of add-ons, such as cardboard and foam inserts, for a classy backdrop and finishing options, such as gloss and matte, for an enhanced effect. No matter how large or small your company is, we excel in offering presentation boxes for welcome kits.

Make your invitees eagerly anticipate your events.

You can send event invitations more innovatively using our high-quality, custom-printed presentation boxes. No matter how many you order, we will provide a cost-effective solution that meets your budget, deadline, and design requirements. Would you like to impress your guests at an upcoming event or party? Experience exceptional printing services by designing a custom invitation box with us. We can assist you in creating an eye-catching presentation box for your invitations in a few simple steps.

Increase the reach of your brand to a broader audience.

Many brands have used our packaging and printing solutions to meet their influencer marketing needs, so inspiring you with attractive presentation boxes is easy for us. With our plethora of customization options, you can create impressive presentation influencer boxes that meet your marketing objectives and capture online market share through influencer marketing.

Impress Existing & Incorporate New Customers

With our top-of-the-line printing services, whether you wish to create a candle presentation box or a bath bomb presentation box with your company’s logo to entice onlookers, personalizing your packaging has become a simple task. Make your promotional packaging memorable with our promotional packaging solutions!

Win Over Audience Attention with Your New Product Attributes

As we have helped thousands of businesses present their products in attractive presentation boxes and win attention, we cannot help but do the same for you. You can count on us to provide an all-in-one packaging solution that will satisfy all your needs when designing innovative presentation boxes for product promotion.

Bye-bye to unorthodox boxes; hello to modern, customized presentation boxes! Our Specialty Offerings at Custom Boxes Near Me

Our presentation boxes provide an enjoyable unboxing experience that is hard to forget. They are classically beautiful custom packaging. As a result, these boxes provide a complete solution for all your visual communication, emotion conveyance, gifting, mailing, product launching, and influencer marketing needs. To meet all your requirements, the presentation boxes must be precisely sized, error-free printed, accurate in shape, beautifully embellished, and skillfully finished. Our dedicated staff will assist you in getting such boxes that work perfectly and give off a wonderful presentational vibe. It is our goal to exceed your expectations and fulfil your vision. We offer various shapes, materials, finishing, and embellishment options for crafting innovative presentation boxes.

Our printing services allow you to personalize every inch:

We proudly provide our clients with superior-quality packaging solutions and printing services. You can select any colour to complete your printed project or upload your artwork to customize your packaging. Our consultation services make it easy for you to add your own printing options. As a result of our printing options, you can create special print projects by expanding your options and gaining additional flexibility. We offer four-color printing as well as six-color printing. We place great importance on customer satisfaction; therefore, you may mix, match, and combine a variety of colours according to your preferences. To the last detail, we ensure high quality. With our free PDF proof option, you can approve or make changes before committing to a design.

Shape Options:

In designing your boxes with us, you will have the option of selecting from a variety of box shapes, including:

Cube: This product is ideal for packing gifts such as watches, bangles, and many other items.

Rectangular – enhances the visual impact of perfumes, candles, and many other products by offering a traditional yet stylish packaging option.

Square – Ideal for elegant packaging welcome and influencer kits.

Size It Up:

Choosing the right size for your presentation box is an essential part of designing your product presentation box. Get the right-sized presentation box you need and save money on shipping while giving every customer a memorable unboxing experience with our top-notch die-cutting services. Would you like assistance in determining the right box size? We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with a quote. 

Presentation boxes can be decorated in a variety of ways, including:

Printing Boxes

Print is available in various forms, including direct, offset, or flexo print, depending on several factors, including quantity, timeline, and graphics requirements. Depending on your needs, our consultants will guide you.

Foil Stamped Boxes

 The foil stamping process involves applying pressure and heat to a copper or magnesium die to transfer metallic or matte foil material to a substrate. It is ideal for black boxes made of solid black paper and coloured paper boxes.

Embossed boxes

The paper is pushed out and textured using a copper or magnesium die. There are two types of embossing: art-related embossings and blind embossings. Invitation boxes are currently trending with embossing.

Debossing Boxe

The process of embossing is similar to pushing your design into the paper. Unlike debossing, embossing pushes the paper into place. There are two types of debossing: blind, which is the most common, or registered to print. An inexpensive way to create a part number on a plain inner pack box is to use a beboss rather than having to print it.


Your custom box can be coated as a final step or mid-step. Aqueous (water-based) glosses, mattes, satins, and soft-touch finishes are examples of these finishes. A UV gloss and a UV matte finish are available. Several types of film lamination are available, including matte, glossy, and soft touch. We commonly combine a Matte or Soft Touch coating with a contrasting Gloss UV to enhance the depth of your custom packaging.

Order Now And Get Plenty Of Additional Benefits

If you have ever experienced difficulty ordering boxes online, you might have yet to work with Custom Boxes UK. The ordering process is very simple; either you can fill out the specification form to receive a quick quote and an immediate price, or you can contact one of our customer representatives who are available 24/7 to assist you. In addition to receiving answers to your questions regarding packaging, free samples will also be provided upon request. If you are making boxes for the first time, this will make the process even easier. Furthermore, we provide the convenience of ordering in any quantity you want, accepting orders as low as 25 and charging wholesale rates to allow you to save on packaging costs. To save you all the hassle and extra cost of shipping, we offer free shipping for all orders delivered to your doorstep in the UK within 10-12 business days. Don’t hesitate to call us today at 7438879019 to get started.

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