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It is possible to make your sweets more appealing to customers by using beautiful bakery boxes. They can package and hand out various bakery products, including pies, cakes, doughnuts, and cupcakes. The bakery boxes offered by Custom Boxes Near Me are highly customisable. You can create a unique look by selecting bakery boxes in designs, sizes, accessories, and colours. You can customise your box within minutes by allowing us to streamline the entire manufacturing process. If you require assistance selecting the appropriate style, design, and materials, or if you would like to request a consultation, we will be happy to assist you in finding the most appropriate solution to customise your bakery box packaging attractively and practically. To help your delicious doughnuts, cakes, and pastries stand out from the competition, we offer a variety of customised bakery boxes at a competitive price. Our materials and inks are of the highest quality. Therefore, only food-grade materials and top inks are used for printing on bakery boxes. Please message us or call (+44) 7438879019 for more information.

Custom Bakery Boxes Wholesale Provider

A wide range of bakery boxes is available from Custom Boxes Store. In the food container industry, Custom Boxes Near Me is among the most reputable manufacturers in the world. Our free flat and 3D views and free shipping guarantee make placing your order easy.

Make Your Brand Stand Out With Custom Printed Bakery Boxes

You can create an image of professionalism by presenting your sweet treats in baking boxes worthy of your client’s attention. Custom bakery boxes are an excellent way to send cupcakes and pastries to clients and family members while improving their unboxing experience. With various designs and wishes, you can create bakery boxes worthy of opening. With custom bakery boxes with windows, you can show your customers a glimpse of your pies and cakes. Getting the best value for money is more than finding error-free printing and die-cutting solutions for custom bakery boxes; it’s about offering your customers the best value that allows them to enjoy your delicious treats without the hassle and makes them feel more confident about your brand in the marketplace. A tuck-top box with competitive pricing, a sleeve container for macarons without a minimum order, or a gable container for cupcakes with seamless printing may be on your wish list. With our capabilities and solutions, Custom Boxes Near Me can design small-run Bakery Packaging with multiple styles and sizes at a reasonable price that meets the needs of every industry and product.

Also, you can print your logo on bakery boxes using our seamless printing service, allowing thousands of potential customers to see your name. Additionally, it will increase their loyalty to the brand. You can increase the likelihood that your customers will remember your bakery’s name by exposing them to it as often as possible. What type of printer do we use to print your personalised bakery boxes? Hot Stamp plates are used to create your boxes. We can create the Hot Stamp plate specifically for you and print the initial order with your customised box design for a modest charge. You can then reorder bulk quantities in large quantities simply by logging in to your account and reordering your design on file. It is the most cost-effective method available.

We provide eco-friendly bakery boxes as one of our Top Benevolences.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting reforestation and sustainability. We are passionate about sustainability and continually develop environmentally friendly bakery packaging containers. Instead of traditional plastic laminate, we use vegetable-based laminate for bakery boxes, making them eco-friendly and compliant with industry standards. Bakery boxes are printed using soy-based ink, which is safe and produces high-quality prints.


Creating customised bakery boxes can benefit brands in many ways. The following paragraphs provide a detailed explanation of the benefits:

  1.  Branding is easy

An effective branding tool is a custom-designed bakery box. Logos, colours, and images can be customised to create a distinctive appearance that helps distinguish them from other brands.

  1.  An increase in visibility

Companies can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by incorporating customised designs on baking boxes. Customers can easily identify the boxes at various markets, stores, and other locations.

  1.  Improved quality of packaging

Cookies, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods can be safely transported in our custom bakery containers of high-quality materials. Also, they help maintain the freshness of your products for a longer period.

  1.  Savings on costs

By using custom bakery boxes, brands can reduce packaging costs in the long run. By using disposable packaging materials, they can also be recycled and contribute to the reduction of pollution and waste.

  1.  A higher level of customer satisfaction

Custom bakery boxes provide customers with an exclusive and memorable experience. In addition to increasing the loyalty of customers and brand recognition, they provide a sense of luxury.

  1.  Improved protection for products

We create custom bakery boxes to protect the product from external damage, such as moisture and dust. This way, food items are assured of the highest quality and arrive in perfect condition.


Working with a professional packaging company such as Custom Boxes Near Me is a good idea for customised bakery packaging. Here are some reasons why:

  1.  The quality assurance process

It is possible to obtain high-quality bakery boxes and dividers from packaging companies that meet all safety requirements and quality standards. Further, they are capable of designing unique designs that will assist in increasing the visibility of brands.

  1.  Savings on costs

Customised bakery boxes from a reputable packaging company can reduce costs associated with packaging materials and printing.

  1.  Support for design

Packaging companies assist brands in designing appealing and distinctive custom bakery boxes with their logo through design help and innovative ideas. To achieve high-quality print results, they also use the most recent technology.

  1.  Delivery on time

If you work with a professional packaging company, your orders will arrive on time. As a result, companies can meet their customer’s needs without any interruptions or delays in the manufacturing process.

  1.  Advice from experts

Whether a brand seeks special boxes with windows or logos, packaging companies offer expert advice and suggestions. By doing so, they can make the most informed choice regarding the size, material, and style of the box for their project. A reputable packaging company, such as Custom Boxes Near Me, can provide companies with many advantages. With our help, you will receive top-quality custom bakery boxes that will satisfy all your expectations and enhance your brand’s visibility.


It is possible to personalise bakery boxes in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  1.  Materials

It is possible to design bakery boxes from various materials, such as cardboard, Kraft paper, corrugated cardboard, or plastic. In terms of toughness and durability, different materials have different advantages. As a result, it is essential that you select the right material for your product.

  1.  Design

Brands can customise their bakery boxes to make them stand out. An attractive logo, vibrant illustrations, or a creative message could accomplish this.

  1.  Size

The size and shape of custom bakery boxes can be customised. The correct dimensions must, therefore, be selected for your item. The item’s weight should also be considered when determining the size of a box.

  1.  Dividers & inserts

In addition to ensuring the safety and security of the item during transportation, inserts and dividers are used. As a result, there is less risk of breakage and damage, ensuring the product arrives pristine. Customised bakery boxes wholesale are a great option.

  1.  Options for printing

In addition to embossing or foil stamping, brands can use UV coating and embossing on their wholesale bakery packaging. As a result, your packaging design will be distinctive, and your clients will be able to identify your company’s name.


Additionally, Brands can apply various finishing coats and add-ons to protect your bakery containers and customise their appearance and size. The following paragraphs provide a more detailed explanation:

  1.  Add-Ons

In addition to windows, handles, and locks, brands may add other features to their bakery boxes. As a result, the box will be more useful and easier for the customer to use.

  1.  Coatings for finishing

Protecting your project against dust, moisture, and dirt is important by applying a finishing coat such as matte or gloss lamination. This ensures the safety of the product during transportation and storage. Manufacturers can create distinctive bakery boxes by using these different accessories and coatings to help them differentiate themselves from their competitors. They will be able to ensure the safety of their products and that they will arrive at their clients in perfect condition.

Custom Bakery Box Add-Ons

Custom bakery boxes can be customised with a variety of add-on options. Here are a few examples:

  1.  Handles

As well as providing additional protection against damage, handles can assist users in moving the box around. In addition to cardboard, plastic, and metal, they are available in various materials.

  1.  Window Panes

A window pane displays the products inside and creates a beautiful display for the customer. Various sizes, shapes, and dimensions are available for bakery boxes with windows, so companies can choose one that best suits their needs.

  1.  Locks

A lock prevents theft or damage to the item when the box is transported and stored. Combination locks, key locks, and magnetic locks are among the types of locks available.

  1.  Labels and stickers

The labels and stickers on a product provide additional information about it. As a marketing tool, they are also very effective. Brands can customise them with their logo, brand message, or other innovative designs to increase their visibility.

  1.  Thank You Notes

Thank you. Making your customers feel appreciated with notes is an excellent way to show them your appreciation. The notes can be printed outside or inside the box, depending on the requirements.

  1.  Bowties and ribbons

Ribbons and bowties enhance the container’s appearance, adding a layer of elegance. Manufacturers can choose from various colours and materials to suit their needs. Custom companies can create innovative bakery boxes that are both practical and attractive by utilising these various options for bakery boxes. Brands can develop functional and visually appealing packaging solutions using various add-ons. This way, the brand will be more visible to customers, making their products easier to find.

Finishing Coats for Bakery Boxes Packaging

In addition to adding various options to their bakery boxes, companies may apply different coatings for finishing to provide an additional layer of protection. The following are described in more detail:

  1.  Gloss Lamination

A glossy laminate offers additional protection against dust, moisture, and dirt. A glossy or matte finish is available. As a result, brands can select the one that best suits their needs.

  1.  Matte Lamination

Matte lamination can make An attractive box more readable, minimising reflections and glare. Matte and glossy finishes are available so that brands can select the most appropriate for their needs.

  1.  Coating with UV light

As a result of UV coating, dust, dirt, and UV light are more effectively protected from the sun’s rays. It is available in matte and glossy finishes to meet the brands’ requirements. A company can design a functional and visually appealing packaging solution using these different coatings for finishing. As a result, the product remains in good condition during transportation and storage, which increases the brand’s visibility.


Following is a list of some of the most famous customised bakery boxes:

  • Custom Cupcake Boxes
  • Custom Sandwich Boxes
  • Custom Cake Boxes
  • Custom Pastry Boxes
  • Custom Dessert Packaging
  • Customised Wholesale Pie Boxes
  • Eco-friendly Cupcake Boxes
  • Custom Donut Boxes
  1. Custom Cake Boxes

Custom cake boxes are created to ensure that cakes remain safe during storage and transportation. The products come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing companies to select the most suitable for their needs.

  1. Custom Pastry Boxes

It is designed to prevent pastries from becoming watery and preserve their freshness. They can be purchased in customised sizes that fit your needs.

  1. Custom Dessert Boxes

A customised dessert packaging system preserves the freshness of desserts and prevents them from melting or becoming too wet. Boost your brand’s exposure by printing them with your logo and colours.

  1. Custom Pie Boxes

Custom pie boxes wholesale are designed to preserve the freshness of your pies during transportation and storage. Customising them with your logo or a unique design that sets you apart from the competition is possible.

  1. Custom Cupcake Boxes

You can ensure that your cupcake packaging is environmentally friendly by using eco-friendly cupcake packaging. Depending on your organisation’s needs, you may choose cardboard, kraft paper, or plastic.

  1. Printed Custom Donut Boxes

When you sell doughnuts, you can advertise your business effectively by printing your logo on the boxes.

What is the process for receiving a free quote?

At Custom Boxes Near Me, we are pleased to provide you with a no-cost quote. You can contact us via email or at 7438879019 for a free estimate from one of our experts. Get a quote as soon as possible based on your requirements. United Kingdom, is the location of our company. Our custom-printed bakery boxes are available online, and we will deliver them right to your door.

We offer custom cereal and cake boxes at the lowest price possible. It is possible to customise and print labels according to your specifications.

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