The most important aspect of our Cardboard Boxes service is that it offers a simple process. You can count on our delivery date when we provide it to you. For your peace of mind, we have an on-time percentage rate of over 99%.

We design and manufacture all of our products in-house for the best efficiency and reliability. Our facility controls the entire process (we are not a broker or reseller), thereby providing our customers with the best custom boxes available. Your vision is the starting point of our process. Our online box configuration tool allows you to enter information about the boxes you need to package your products. We can also be reached by telephone or by sending your product to us. We will then design and build your custom product boxes!

Following your approval of the quote, we will begin designing and manufacturing your boxes as soon as possible.
Market demand for custom Kraft boxes is high.


We have been designing and manufacturing custom corrugated boxes and product packaging for more than 5 years. As manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes, we have developed the best process for creating perfectly customized shipping boxes and delivering them to our customers in exceptional time. There are many types of boxes available, including regular slotted container (RSC) boxes, which are the standard shipping boxes, as well as more specialized designs, such as custom mailer boxes. Our custom containers can also be manufactured in a variety of strengths so that you can pack, move, or ship anything you need.


We have built a reputation for providing excellent customer service and high-quality results for more than 5 years. We are a client-focused custom box company with a high level of service rating. With custom packaging boxes, you will be able to elevate your unboxing experience, increase brand awareness, and promote your products.


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Boxes Made of Cardboard Corrugated For Shipping

Are you interested in increasing brand awareness through personalized boxes that look the part? As a manufacturer of shipping boxes made from corrugated cardboard, we specialize in creating custom boxes. Corrugated shipping boxes of any size or print are available from us. Create custom packaging boxes with our online custom boxes maker configuration tool. Ordering and receiving your personalized corrugated packaging within days is possible with our reliable, fast, and high-quality services. Custom-printed boxes effectively market your brand by showcasing your unique logo and other images. Custom Boxes can deliver your boxes anywhere in the United States in a fraction of the time it takes you to get them from a box manufacturing company near you. We are committed to providing you with the flexibility, options, and outstanding final product that you are looking for at Custom Boxes. Our custom box maker tool allows you to design your corrugated boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are custom cardboard boxes?

Custom cardboard boxes are a packaging solution tailored to meet the specific requirements of businesses regarding dimensions, styles, and printing. Any product can be customized to fit perfectly in them, enhancing the protection and presentation of the product.

How can cardboard boxes be customized?

There are a variety of customization options available, including dimensions, box style (e.g., slotted, telescope), material thickness, printing methods (e.g., digital, flexographic), and finishes (e.g., glossy, matte lamination).

Are cardboard boxes available with my company's logo printed on them?

To enhance brand recognition and improve consumer experiences, custom cardboard boxes can be printed with logos, brand messages, and other graphic elements

How can I ensure that the custom cardboard boxes will fit my products properly?

Your box designer will be able to ensure a proper fit of your products if you provide accurate measurements. You may need to add extra padding or support to the interior.

What are the advantages of using custom cardboard boxes for my business?

It is anticipated that the benefits of customized designs and logos will include increased product protection, enhanced brand visibility, and more efficient shipping due to better-fitting sizes.

Which size and material should I choose for my custom cardboard boxes?

It is important to determine the right size based on the dimensions of your product and the additional space you will require for padding. There is a wide range of materials available depending on the product's weight and the level of protection needed. A packaging expert can assist in determining the most appropriate specifications.

Can custom cardboard boxes be recycled?

Most cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials and are biodegradable. Your company's sustainability can be enhanced by choosing a supplier with eco-friendly practices.

Can you order samples before placing a full order?

Many companies offer sample orders so that you can evaluate the quality and fit of the box before placing a large order.