Unique gifts and premium can be presented in custom pillow boxes. These boxes differ from other boxes in that the side panels can be pulled and pushed to open and close them. While pillow-shaped boxes seem simple, they serve two primary purposes: they are both functional and stylish. A pillow box with a sleek design gives a whole new look without looking dull, making it an ideal packaging solution for small products. Our high-quality cardboard material is customized with various designs, logos, and colour options to ensure the highest level of quality. Save your time on simple packaging; purchase custom-printed boxes instead.

A stylish pillow box for every occasion

You can present gift items inside our custom pillow boxes to delight the recipient. The packaging captures the attention of everyone by utilizing attractive colors and artistic patterns. Retail commodities require both a good display and durable packaging. Boxes made of cardboard make excellent favour boxes for wedding receptions, children’s parties, or informal gatherings. You can hold various items in these personalized kraft boxes, which make excellent party favours. Our pillow boxes are available in various styles to suit any preference.

Your One-Stop Packaging Solution With Custom Pillow Boxes 

If you are looking for something unique, we have a variety of packaging with a spacious area. CBNM has something for everyone. As far as large areas and distinct designs are concerned, our custom pillow boxes meet all your requirements.

The pillow-shaped boxes can package soap, candies, jewellery, and stationery. Despite their diverse nature, our packaging boxes allow businesses to protect their products and market themselves at the same time.

Let CBNM help you realize your custom packaging dreams, no matter the colour, size, or design of your pillow boxes wholesale. Our advanced manufacturing system and in-house customization capabilities ensure that our clients’ orders look attractive and original.

Discover the qualities of our boxes. 

Raw material plays an important role in making our packaging boxes one of the best in the industry. Your boxes are manufactured using the best resources available to deliver your products safely and securely.

With our kraft pillow boxes, you can protect your product and minimize your company’s carbon footprint. Our boxes have several qualities that make them an excellent packaging solution.

Protective capability 

Why is packaging used in the first place? Why is a box an essential part of a product? Boxes’ ability to protect products makes them an integral part of a brand. Consider our pillow box packaging if you wish to protect your product perfectly.

Our unique boxes are manufactured using the finest quality materials to entice your customer with their appearance while protecting your product due to their strength. Pillow boxes are manufactured using two materials:

  • Kraft
  • Cardstock

If you opt for cardboard pillow boxes, you have various paper-weight options. You can order boxes of 210, 250, or 300 points from us. Due to its durability, we most commonly use cardboard paper of 300 grams. We also offer kraft paper in weights of 280 and 560.

It looks unique

To provide our customers with unique packaging styles, we take every possible measure. Increasing the value of your product is essential due to the high level of competition in the market. Therefore, we provide our clients with the most eye-catching designs. Our product line includes the following styles:

  • Windowed pillow boxes
  • Ribboned pillow boxes
  • Handle pillow boxes
  • Customizable pillow boxes

Having your order completed by CBNM will allow you to ensure your product stands out from competitors. Our pillow boxes with handles and ribbons will enable you to become the customer’s first choice.

Promote your brand 

A brand’s marketing strategy is crucial to its success. The only way to lead the market is to promote your brand. In view of this, CBNM provides its clients with the best branding tool, customized pillow boxes with logos.

Your products will be better represented in the market if your boxes are printed with your logo. On our boxes, we use various methods to make your logo visible. We recommend the following methods for highlighting the logos:

  • The embossing process creates a raised impression
  • An embossed logo will give a depressed impression
  • For a logo with a premium appearance, use metallic foiling

Make Your Boxes Look Attractive

CBNM strives to provide the best possible service to its customers. We offer our clients the most exquisite options, both in terms of the material and the design. Our boxes are printed using a variety of methods to make them more appealing. Printings enable us to provide our customers with thematic boxes, such as Christmas pillow boxes and birthday pillow boxes.

Boxes can be printed using the following methods:

  • Offset printing
  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing

Customization options available 

The selection of the packaging industry to complete your order is a critical decision for all brands that aim to pack their products in the finest quality boxes. The good news is that when you choose us to manufacture your pillow packaging boxes, you can be assured that you won’t face any of these problems, as we have extensive experience in box manufacturing and provide a wide range of customization options.

As a leading box manufacturer, we use a wide variety of paper-based materials to create our boxes to ensure that we give your product excellent protection and a peerless appearance. We manufacture boxes with sturdy materials to ensure that your product will remain secure for a long period. Customizations are available in the following areas:

  • Various materials are available
  • A high-quality printing facility
  • Provides attractive add-on features
  • Durable box coatings

Please let us know your requirements if you want boxes to package your candies or pillow gift boxes.

Economically feasible options 

CBNM offers its customers the option of purchasing wholesale boxes, thereby allowing them to save significant revenue by placing an order with us. Due to our in-house customization facilities, we can provide our boxes at lower prices than our competitors.

For personalized pillow boxes, we provide free design assistance. In addition to this, you will be able to receive free delivery in the UK. All of these options will result in a reduction in your packaging price.

Go Green 

Our company’s goal is to provide our customers with sustainable packaging alternatives to reduce their carbon footprints. Custom-printed pillow boxes made of eco-friendly paper and printed with vegetable-based inks maintain our commitment to the environment without compromising the boxes’ appearance.

Give us a call!

For the most enticing design for custom pillow boxes, please call the number provided. We offer wholesale options and superior-quality materials that will enable you to accelerate the presentation and sale of your products.

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