Gifting ornaments to friends and family across the globe is made more convenient by the protective nature of custom jewelry boxes. These Jewelry gift boxes have rigid magnetic lids. They are made of high-quality rigid materials that are both rigid and durable. These jewelry boxes are famous worldwide due to their elegance and luxurious nature. Providing high-quality printing and a luxurious look for worthy gifts, we provide premium packaging with high-quality printing. It is our mission to create stunning, one-of-a-kind packaging for ornaments with the assistance of our experienced team of designers and engineers. Furthermore, our custom packaging boxes reflect the personality and brand of your business. Our expertise lies in developing custom jewelry packaging that showcases your products in the best light in order to complement the image of your company.

Brand your jewellery boxes to make an impression on your customers

Professional expertise is required in order to design a jewellery box as unique as your speciality ornaments. For your packaging requirements, you should select a company with extensive experience in the relevant field. Custom Boxes will prove to be an excellent choice for you. As a leading manufacturer of boxes, we have been in business for over a decade. By gaining the trust of new customers and retaining old ones, our dedication to work allows us to expand our customer base. With our wide range of bespoke printing and design options, your customers will have a memorable experience with your brand the moment they purchase your goods. 

To ensure that your necklaces, earrings, rings, and earrings are competitively displayed on retail shelves, we provide you with the ability to customise your jewellery boxes completely. You can also print your logo on these boxes in an attractive manner and personalise them to ensure that they represent your business when they are in the hands of your customers. A great deal of attention is paid to the design and printing of these boxes to ensure that they attract the attention of customers from afar, send a message to them, and create a great deal of perceived value about your brooches and ornaments in their minds. By using these flawlessly printed boxes as packaging for your products, you will be able to enhance your brand and increase your sales in the meantime.

Our Materials

Finding the perfect jewellery boxes can be a challenge, but Custom Boxes can help. Our priority is to provide quality jewelry packaging. The boxes we have created will always be there for you on the market. Our custom jewelry boxes are made from eco-friendly and sturdy materials. We offer a variety of materials.

Let us discuss these in more detail;

  • Cardboard Paper

A business that sells products is highly dependent on cardboard as a material. Materials made of this material are strong, durable, and cost-effective. The quality of the product remains unchanged after recycling. Furthermore, the surface of the product can be printed. We can create cardboard jewelry packaging in any shape or size that you require. Our custom print boxes provide excellent protection for your jewelry items.

  • Kraft Jewelry Boxes

Kraft has a reputation for being eco-friendly. The material is 100% biodegradable and does not produce harmful contaminants during the recycling process. Custom Boxes provides it in a variety of colours for jewellery packaging, including brown.

  • Cardboard Corrugated Boxes Material

Two layers of cardboard paper are used to construct the cardboard corrugated box structure. In contrast, the inner layer (wool) is corrugated. Jewelry items are protected by these boxes while being shipped or transferred. Depending on the size of the jewellery item, we create small and large boxes for storage and shipping.

  • Rigid Jewelry Boxes

For manufacturers of gold and diamond jewelry, rigid Jewelry Gift Boxes wholesale are the best choice. When presenting such precious jewelry products in ordinary packaging, however, how will you attract your potential customers? Whether your jewellery is packaged in regular or special packaging, it will be helpful. 

Gift jewelry boxes printed and wholesale

It is essential to print everything, whether it be dresses, pottery, bread, jewellery boxes, or other items. It is the printing of your wholesale jewellery gift boxes that attract customers. Our custom jewelry boxes are printed using quality ink and the latest printing techniques. With the packaging that we have developed, you will be able to make your jewelry products iconic on the market. Our company uses digital, offset, and flexographic printing techniques.

Our extras include;

  • Lamination in both gloss and matte
  • The process of embossing and debossing
  • Silver and gold foiling
  • Spot UV

Custom Boxes places the highest priority on customer satisfaction. We offer highly attractive designs and unique styles that will increase the value of your jewellery and boost sales. The design support we provide to our clients is also free of charge. Do you need wholesale jewelry boxes? Feel free to contact us. In the UK, we are the leading wholesaler of jewellery gift boxes.

Get Your Custom Jewelry Boxes Manufactured With Custom Boxes

Is your precious jewellery in need of elegant packaging to make it seem valuable? Creating customised jewellery boxes made from high-grade materials could be the answer to presenting your ornaments to customers in a luxurious manner and retaining your products in their minds for a long time. Please take advantage of our expertise in packaging and let us design your custom jewellery boxes so that your product will surely stand out in the minds of fashion lovers, represent the true value of your precious ornaments, and attract the attention your jewellery products deserve to increase sales. We are able to accomplish all of this through the following method of working:

Make Gfit boxes precisely tailored to fit your precious jewellery items. Our jewellery boxes are custom-made to fit your exact specifications, so you can be sure that the boxes will complement your precious wearable products. In the end, your ornaments will always be preferred by customers if they are kept in bespoke jewellery boxes that are creative and unique.

You will receive the finest quality packaging for your jewellery products, which will excite customers to start wearing your fashion wearables and convey a sense of elegance to your product. Inspecting your custom jewellery boxes for printing errors, removing entire batches that have even a slight structural defect, and ensuring that the right size and embellishments are present are the responsibilities of our certified inspectors. We follow a strict quality control system to ensure you receive the highest quality boxes. We take great care in creating jewellery boxes that will capture the attention of the onlookers.

Our custom jewellery boxes can be ordered in the exact quantity that you require as we place you in charge of your order. The jewellery packaging boxes are not subject to a minimum order value or wholesale order limit, so you can order the number of boxes you desire. By doing so, you are able to save more and avoid the hassle of storing excessive boxes.

It would help if you had these boxes quickly to launch your jewellery items in the market. Would you like these boxes delivered to you quickly? We offer prompt services in the design, production, and shipment of jewellery boxes so that you can receive them wherever you desire. We guarantee a turnaround time of less than 14 business days!

Bespoke Jewellery Boxes Make An Ideal Giveaway To Entice Recipients

Every special occasion, such as marriages, birthdays, parties, or other celebrations, requires people to demonstrate their affection and love in the most creative manner possible. With custom jewellery boxes embellished with eye-catching designs and flawless prints, along with accessories such as ribbons, you can achieve all this and help your luxury gift item make a lasting impression on the recipient. We can customise these boxes in accordance with your specific requirements and add foam inserts depending on the nature of your product for enhanced security. Need assistance? We offer expert customer service through live chat, email, and live calls. We can assist you with all your questions regarding printing, designing, selecting suitable materials, and die-cutting foam inserts for your boxes. The packaging of your adornments with a luxury touch will ensure that your loved ones will be delighted with the display and packaging of your adornments.

 Do you wish to make the packaging of your jewellery gifts more appealing? Multiple finishing options can be added to these boxes, which makes them ideal packaging for giveaways. The foil should be gold or silver in colour and should be finished with a gloss finish so that the boxes appear shinier and more attractive and the recipients are able to feel your love and experience their importance. Do you require assistance with the design of the boxes? Our designers will assist you in creating personalised jewellery boxes with distinct and eye-catching designs that are sure to accentuate your sentimental feelings and heighten the value of your packed anklets, bangles and other jewellery items.

Do you need help to choose the best box provider based on price? It is our ambition to assist you in earning the maximum value by investing less and offering the most competitive pricing for your required boxes. We provide instant quotations within 24 hours of receiving your quote request, allowing you to compare the price with other suppliers’ quotations and make an informed purchasing decision. Do you have concerns regarding the quality of our products? Test production-quality samples of your required boxes to ensure that every aspect of the printing, die-cutting, and design meets your requirements. 

This eliminates the possibility of any defective boxes being sent to recipients, which can have a negative effect on their minds. Are you interested in additional benefits? Using our relationships with the top courier service providers in the UK, we can deliver the boxes to your doorstep conveniently without any hidden or additional charges. With these eye-catching boxes, you can minimise your expenses while gaining maximum sentiments for your cufflinks, necklaces, pendants and other jewellery.

Please call 7438879019 today, specify your needs for boxes, inform us of your requirements, and let us do our best to fulfil your dreams of attractive box packaging. For the latest offers and discounts, please send an email to


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