Custom Pizza Boxes at Wholesale Prices!

Our extensive collection of pizza packaging boxes is available at Custom Boxes Near Me. Order our bulk-printed pizza boxes cheaply with free shipping and have your pizzas delivered professionally and safely! We offer a wide variety of attractive pizza packaging containers. With us, you can order bulk-printed pizza boxes to enjoy free shipping, create boxes that make your pizzas look delectable, and keep people talking about your pizza brand. We specialize in creating or designing pizza boxes tailored to your specifications; customizing shapes or sizes as desired is no problem here.

How Do Custom Pizza Packaging Boxes Work?

Kids and adults alike enjoy pizza as a snack. As the popularity of pizza increases, so does the need for better packaging boxes! Pizza comes in different shapes and sizes these days. The custom pizza packaging boxes available at Custom Boxes UK are of exceptional quality to ensure that your pizza is delivered safely, efficiently, and attractive.

We offer wholesale custom pizza packaging boxes and can customize them to fit the size and shape of any pizza, with hundreds of ready-to-ship custom boxes available for shipment and customization services. If you would like us to create graphics tailored specifically to the boxes, please inform us before any special printing on the boxes. Check out our attractive styles of pizza packaging boxes available today; pick your ideal style and size now with free UK shipping!

Protect your pizza with disposable pizza boxes.

We only offer high-quality cardboard or corrugated pizza boxes at Custom Boxes Near Me. You can be assured that your pizza will arrive at its destination safely when you use these disposable and highly affordable boxes.

We offer a wide range of designs and shapes to choose from

We offer a wide range of styles, shapes, and designs for our boxes. We offer rectangular-shaped boxes, slice pizza boxes, corrugated pizza boxes that can be customized with logos, and boxes with logos that can meet the needs of pizzerias of all sizes! View our hot and cool customized list below and order all the pizza boxes you need, whether rectangular-shaped boxes with rectangular bottoms, corrugated boxes with logo customization, or bulk boxes.

  1. Slice Pizza Boxes
  2. Frozen Pizza Boxes
  3. Crooked Pizza Boxes
  4. Disposable Pizza Boxes
  5. Kraft Pizza Boxes
  6. Corrugated Pizza Boxes
  7. Pizza Boxes with Logo
  8. Digital Printed Pizza Boxes
  9. Hexagonal Pizza Boxes
  10. Digital Printed Pizza Boxes
  11. Holographic Pizza Boxes
  12. Cardboard Pizza Boxes

Ensure that your customers receive hot and fresh pizza!

Would you like your pizza to receive good reviews? To create lasting relationships with your customers, ensure your pizza remains hot for as long as it needs to be delivered – no matter the distance travelled during delivery! Furthermore, they are durable and environmentally friendly.

With high-quality pizza boxes, you can increase the sales of your pizza shop.

Nothing beats our high-quality printed pizza boxes for pizzeria owners who wish to increase sales. In addition to customizing them yourself, we offer several amazing finishing options and add-ons.

You may choose from the following finishes:

Glossy Coating

The sleek finishing option for pizza boxes will enhance the look of your pizza brand and highlight it properly.

Matte Coating

The matte coating may be the best solution for improving the appearance of your pizzeria.

UV Spot

The finishing option can enhance visibility if you want to emphasize certain images or text on your pizza box.

Foil Stamping

Apply foil stamping to your pizza boxes to give them an exclusive and branded appearance. Adding this dimension and exclusivity will enhance the product.

Optional add-ons include:

Put your pizzeria’s logo in the spotlight by embossing or debossing it.

Die-cut a window

Make your pizza box stand out by adding an eye-catching window die-cut! Your customers will certainly love your delicious pizza at first sight.

Our pizza packaging specialists will create your boxes according to your specifications.

For maximum profit potential, order custom pizza boxes with logos.

Providing superior custom packaging solutions is what we specialize in at Instant Custom Boxes. Here at Custom Boxes Near Me, you will find everything you need, from pizza and bakery boxes to food containers. Your brand name will stand out with our printed pizza boxes. The custom printing on these boxes will ensure that your customers remember you long after leaving your store. You can enhance your brand awareness using Custom Boxes Near Me’ personalized pizza boxes with logos!

We design eco-friendly pizza boxes to protect your pizza from moisture and other environmental threats. Branding and product protection are the two major objectives behind our excellent packaging services. The use of durable, eco-friendly, attractive packaging boxes will significantly increase the sales of your product when you choose our brilliantly designed boxes to protect and market it!

Keep your pizza hot and fresh with custom-designed pizza boxes.

To maintain the freshness of your pizzas during shipping, our boxes have ventilation holes to keep them at their best. Using this feature, customers can enjoy every delicious bite of your tasty pizza without experiencing soggy conditions during transportation. In the end, they will return!

For your pizza needs, we offer empty pizza boxes of high quality.

It is also important to have experience. You can allow your customers to share the moment of unboxing a beautifully packaged pizza on live streams or social media. With their sleek design, our blank pizza boxes are not only containers; they make your brand memorable, making every delivery an occasion for celebration! Upgrade to premium printed pizza boxes today for maximum customer satisfaction.

Safely delivering pizza with customised pizza boxes.

Due to our social responsibility and our commitment to protecting the environment, our personalised pizza boxes are exquisite and eye-catching. Pizza can be packaged in these creative bulk boxes in an environmentally friendly manner while protecting the shape of the pizza.

With Instant Custom Boxes, you can keep your edibles safe and extend their shelf life with premium-quality packaging. By using only premium-grade stock when creating pizza boxes, we can ensure safe storage and shipping and increase pizza sales. Take advantage of our boxes today!

Affordable Custom Pizza Boxes with High-Quality Graphics

Your food business can benefit from custom pizza boxes wholesale. Our corrugated cardboard pizza boxes, digitally printed ones, and any unique styles you desire can be tailored to suit any packaging need. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll get started! Our promotional strategy is carefully considered so your brand stands out!

As part of our complimentary service, we offer graphic design and printing of eye-catching designs on the pizza slice boxes. Make pizza fans loyal to your brand with these eye-catching prints! The only way to achieve success is to contact one of our experts, who will help you determine the ideal custom pizza box designs and styles – then order cheap custom-printed pizza boxes delivered directly to your home.

Pizza Box Designs Tailored to Your Business

Get professional design assistance and create customised pizza boxes that your pizzeria will proudly display. In addition, our packaging team can assist in designing boxes that complement the aesthetics of your pizzeria. Please send us the artwork you would like applied to the boxes, or choose one of your favourite colours to decorate them with!

Custom Boxes Near Meoffers custom-printed pizza boxes to assist you in your branding efforts. We offer custom-printed boxes that can be printed with logos, images, and all necessary information about your tasty pies using innovative digital and offset printing technologies.

Material Selection for Pizza Bases

As we understand that your branded pizza boxes have to be durable to preserve and protect the tasty pizzas inside, we have a wide selection of top-quality stock materials available for you to choose from.

Take a look at all of our material options! Check it out!

As a material for pizza boxes, cardboard offers several eco-friendly advantages, making it the ideal choice for environmentally friendly packaging.


In addition to being sturdy and lightweight, this material is also recyclable. Therefore, pizza boxes made from recycled materials are an environmentally friendly option.


Food packaging is often made with this high-quality paperboard.


For pizza delivery, corrugated material is ideal.

Kraft Paper

Pizza boxes made from this material are eco-friendly,

To ensure that your pizzas will remain tasty inside their boxes, all the materials above are ideal for making them.

We provide custom pizza boxes of any size.

There are many sizes of pizza available. The proper box size must be used to avoid compromising its delicious and perfect qualities during transportation or storage. As a result, your delicate pie will remain intact and protected from moving during service.

Custom Boxes Near Me provides custom pizza boxes in various sizes to meet your needs.

The following is a list of the standard pizza boxes available.

  • Boxes with a length of 12 inches, a width of 12 inches, and a depth of 2 inches
  • A medium pizza box measures 16 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 2 inches deep
  • The pizza boxes are 18 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 2 inches deep

Our Custom Pizza Boxes: Why Choose Us?

Our valued clients can use our unbeatable price match guarantees and unrivalled benefits. Our Custom Boxes Company promises a price match guarantee and many other benefits when you select us as your source for custom pizza boxes.

We are proud to offer top-quality pizza boxes at reasonable prices. Additionally, since there is no minimum order quantity (MOQ), ordering our boxes will give you peace of mind as they will be delivered directly to your home! Thanks to our hassle-free shipping policy, the pizzas will also be delivered on time.

Now, you can enjoy free shipping on dies and plates.

With Custom Boxes Near Me, you will experience stress-free shipping UK – for free! Enjoy fast, secure, complimentary doorstep delivery and 3D design support to help bring your vision to life; there are no die-and-cut charges or additional hidden fees.

Take advantage of our pizza boxes for sale if you want to elevate your pizzeria affordably and expand it without breaking the bank on marketing expenses. We can accommodate any required quantity, from small rectangles to pizza boxes. You are in good hands with us.

Ready to order?

Contact one of our experts at 7438879019 or email to place your order. Take your pizza packaging to the next level with personalized pizza boxes.

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