Vape Packaging Boxes

Want to reach new heights with your packaging boxes? We at CBNM UK are here to assist you if this is the case. Smoking has been replaced by vaping, and there has been an increase in its use recently. Once your company has purchased a vape cartridge, protective packaging is imperative. The packaging we provide for vape cartridges is of the highest quality, which ensures that the cartridges remain fresh and safe for use. What can you do to make your CBD vape packaging boxes more attractive? Our Custom CBD packaging is available in various materials, printing processes, and finishing options to ensure a distinctive look. Our vape cartridge boxes incorporate the latest die-cutting techniques to create an artistic design. Thanks to our high-quality vape boxes, which are sturdy and reliable, there is no need to worry about spills or damage to your flavour profile.

Key Features

  • Add Any Special Add-Ons
  • Free Design Support
  • Free Shipping All Around the UK
  • Zero Set-Ups, Plates, and Die-Cuts Fee
  • Free 2D and 3D Design Mock-Ups
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Secure Payment Methods
  • Competitive Prices
  • Cutting-Edge Services

Payment Methods


Please make us your first choice for bespoke CBD vape packaging. Our service lets you print any detail associated with your brand with 100% precision. You are free to order as many quantities as you wish. Our free shipping service guarantees that your vape boxes will be delivered to your home.


Is your vape product not one of the top sellers on the market? Are your vape products hard to move from retail shelves? Then, we can provide you with an affordable solution to your problem. Our company, Custom Boxes Near Me, offers custom-printed vape packaging that will enhance the aesthetics of your products. The cost of these boxes is less than that of the standard boxes, which are always misfitted and thus waste space.

If your product is not flying out the door even after addressing all the important factors, re-evaluate your packaging; you might need more. Product quality will also be addressed if you produce the best product but deliver it safely to the customer. It is important to note that, in this case, the packaging is significantly more important than the product itself. You decrease the scale factor by overlooking the important element (packaging). This is why your brand or product does not attract customers. Thus, custom vape packaging is an appropriate option at this point.


Our creativity makes your brand stand out from the competition when it comes to turning an ordinary box into a vape gift box. A brand’s primary objective revolves around the sale of its products. Make your packaging exciting and interesting to attract customers to your products. Ensure the packaging of your product is worthy of catching the customer’s attention among the countless products displayed on the shelves. It is more likely that they will purchase a product if you successfully entice them with your product. Your attractive box would encourage customers to try your products once to see what they include. This will enhance the sales of your products.

To build a good reputation in the market, you must do things correctly. From the business plan to the packaging, it is imperative that you pay attention to all the details. In addition to paying attention to your core issues, you should also identify why sales are hindered. Most often, it is your product’s packaging. With good-quality packaging, your brand will be perceived as stronger, more enduring, and more appealing. To achieve great results, you should concentrate on improving the packaging of your products.


A company’s packaging can make or break its reputation. Packaging can have a substantial impact on your business. The sooner you realize this, the better. As a vape packaging solutions provider, we provide custom-made boxes that distinguish your product from similar products displayed on retail shelves. You will observe, however, that while different brands invest in marketing strategies, they often need to pay more attention to packaging in their marketing efforts.


We strongly believe in allowing our customers to control the design and manufacturing of their product’s packaging. We have a dedicated team of designers and manufacturers available to assist you throughout the process. We provide a variety of options regarding materials, box styles, printing techniques, and decoration options.


We offer three different materials for custom vape packaging boxes. A variety of materials can be used, such as Kraft paper, cardboard, cardstock, and corrugated boxes. These materials do not generate waste, as they are all 100% recyclable. Thus, you can contribute to preventing waste from being sent to landfills. According to research, most consumers in the current market favour responsible packaging brands.

People often misunderstand eco-friendly packaging materials as producing only dull, boring, plain packaging boxes. However, that is not the case. These boxes can be styled and designed in any way you choose.

Types of boxes

Our custom vape cartridge boxes are available in a variety of styles. For vape packaging, tuck-end boxes, reverse-tuck-end boxes, and straight-tuck-end boxes are available. Auto-bottom boxes are also an option for ease of assembly. Moreover, if you want to give your customers a glimpse of your products, a vape display box is an excellent choice.


If you partner with us, you will always be able to manage your production budget, regardless of how small it is. For wholesale vape packaging boxes, we offer two printing options. Printing in offset is relatively less efficient and more expensive than printing in digital. In addition to printing patterns, you can experiment with these boxes to enhance their appearance.


A custom box near me is the best way to enhance your product presentation. Regardless of your company’s size, you can add appeal to your packaging. We offer custom vape packaging boxes wholesale, so if you would like to enhance your sales pitch, invest in them. 

Our rates are affordable and negotiable. Our delivery system is the fastest and our turnaround time is the shortest. Our company’s manufacturing and design teams take care of all of the minute details involved in packaging your product. We also offer free samples and prototypes to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. For those of you who have yet to have the opportunity to work with us, you may analyze our samples in depth to gain a better understanding of what we are offering and whether it will be of benefit to you. Why not get started now? Give us a call today! Please feel free to contact our customer care service at any time.