Staples Boxes

Do you need packaging that protects staples, paper clips, and other stationery items? Get hold of quality staple boxes. Your brand will benefit from the lightweight yet protective nature of these boxes.  Boxes of this type are typically equipped with sleeves and trays, hanging tabs, or a straight-end tuck style. Would you like these boxes to make an impact on the market? Make sure your custom staples Boxes is of the highest quality at an affordable price by partnering with Custom Designs Boxes. As part of our incentive program, we provide free design assistance and free delivery to the United Kingdom.  To obtain these boxes, please place your order today.

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  • Free 2D and 3D Design Mock-Ups
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Use Protective Staples Boxes to ensure foolproof protection.

Staples can become deformed or broken, resulting in disappointing customer experiences. With our quality staples boxes collection, staples will not become deformed or broken due to quality stock material. By using quality cardstock and sewing equipment, we craft boxes that preserve the staples against external pressure and moisture. Staples that are intact will cause your customers to hold your brand in high regard and return to you in the future.

Multiple customization options are available to you.

Is there a staple packaging design in your mind that you would like to bring to life? Custom Designs Boxes offers a variety of customization options to enable you to create your desired staple packaging. Several options for customizing our products are available, including coatings and finishes, stock choices, and embellishments. Among the available stocks are cardstock and Kraft paper. Among the available coatings are Gloss, Matte, and Spot UV. To convey your brand identity to your customers, you may request the application of one of our coating options on invitation boxes.

Enhance your aesthetic appeal.

Drab and dull packaging has long since disappeared from the shelves. Today, consumers are influenced by products presented in attractive packaging. Like marker boxes, custom staple packaging can be visually impressive by printing beautiful artwork, graphics, and patterns that appeal to your target audience—stationery owners. We translate simple boxes into creative canvasses through the assistance of our seasoned and creative designers. 

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