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Our company provides custom packaging boxes for a variety of products. Our boxes are printed neatly, designed aesthetically, and shipped carefully to your door. We can make custom popcorn boxes depending on the size, style, and print. You may order customized popcorn boxes from Custom Boxes Wholesale that are the right size, shape, and design for your needs. We also offer matte, gloss, and spot UV finishes. Personalized popcorn boxes are also available with embossing, debossing, and holographic printing. Get started on your customized popcorn packaging today by telling us about your design requirements. 

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The Power of Custom Popcorn Boxes

The lightweight and easy-to-carry nature of popcorn boxes makes them convenient for use. They are often used at a variety of gatherings. Popcorn is a popular snack in various settings, including cinemas, television theaters, and even at sporting events, and you will need a popcorn box for that! With custom retail boxes for various products, a brand can gain exposure and leave a lasting impression on consumers. Also, if you are interested in similar services, look no further since we have you covered!

Choosing Custom Boxes Wholesale is the best way to ensure your packaging will leave a lasting impression on your customers! Using our packaging experts, we will help you prepare packaging that will preserve the texture of the popcorn. Your product will be able to catch the attention of consumers with its unique look.

Can’t you imagine how great it would be to have packaging products to improve your bottom line? Our company will certainly boost your sales when we are by your side. Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing the very best service to our clients. We at Custom Boxes Wholesale want to amaze you, not fail you!” 

Fascinating Popcorn Boxes

Every goodie should be packaged in a customized manner. Visually appealing packaging adds value to a product, and we all know that people love grabbing valuable products. Most British individuals consider theatre to be their second home. It is impossible for people not to buy popcorn when they attend the theater. Popcorn always makes watching a movie more enjoyable. Adding to the enjoyment is their role. People are only sometimes attracted to the delicate corn pieces. Several reasons make Custom Popcorn Boxes essential.

  • The popcorn is kept intact in these boxes. Could you not allow them to become cold?
  • Tear-resistant popcorn boxes can be customized. Core materials are designed to withstand maximum pressures both externally and internally. 
  • There are many possibilities when it comes to custom-printed popcorn boxes, such as the colors, prints, designs, and any additional features one desires. Their role is to assist with the branding process.

What is the material used to manufacture popcorn boxes?

Different materials can be used to make popcorn boxes.The most common types are cardboard, Kraft, and paperboard. The material used for these boxes is durable enough to protect the aroma and taste of popcorn while also providing ease of handling.

A custom popcorn packaging box provides optimal protection for your popcorn.

Popcorn makers are most concerned with the safety of their products. Boxes of popcorn that are unable to ensure the safety and security of the product and maintain their intact shape should not be recommended. How can popcorn be kept intact? Do you place it in shopping bags?

Not! A cardboard popcorn box is a premium way to present popcorn. Boxes made of fluted cardboard are sturdy due to their physical strength. The strength of cardboard packaging is also flexible. Regardless of the weight of your hot popcorn, cardboard retains its tensile strength.

Branded Popcorn Boxes Communicate Your Vision

A box is one of many things people perceive regarding packaging. The packaging of their product should communicate their vision. Sharing your product with the world is always profitable for you as a popcorn maker. Undoubtedly, the more people become aware of your salty and fresh popcorn, the more likely they are to purchase it from you. You can achieve this goal by using branded popcorn boxes. Printed logos, slogans, ingredients, and everything else that makes customers fall in love with your brand can convey your brand’s vision. You can have an impact in this manner. Custom Boxes Wholesale can assist you in achieving your branding objectives by providing logos for popcorn boxes.

Is popcorn box history interesting?

The first popcorn box was made of paperboard in 1885. Initially, popcorn was packed in robust, recyclable boxes.

Is Custom Boxes Wholesale the right choice for you?

It would help if you sold more popcorn. All businesses strive to achieve this goal. There is no mystery to how Custom Boxes Wholesale can benefit you. A branding opportunity is exactly what we offer to other businesses.  Our first impression of a product is based on its packaging. As a result, it must be of high quality. The standard must be high. There must be enough excitement to attract popcorn lovers. Custom Boxes Wholesale was motivated by this thought and began printing and producing custom popcorn boxes. Custom Boxes Wholesale offers several benefits. Let us take a look at them.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

We all desire quick service. In particular, popcorn businesses require quick services to ensure that they can continue to operate smoothly. What would you do if you had everything on your plate but no popcorn packaging? Is it possible to sell popcorn without boxes? As a result, your business requires the assistance of a trusted packaging supplier. We offer efficient and free wholesale delivery of popcorn boxes. It takes only two weeks for us to manufacture and deliver your boxes to your doorstep. As a result, businesses choose us as their preferred provider.

  • We offer free design consultations.

It is difficult to design, and a great deal of creativity is required. If the design of your branded popcorn boxes is not the latest or most innovative, it may negatively affect the sale of your product. Our design customization services are available to you even if you do not have a design or artwork in hand. The popcorn box design can be made a reality with the assistance of our designers, who offer a complimentary design consultation.

  • Transparency – No hidden costs

Our process transparency is key to our reputation as a well-trusted packaging company. There are no additional charges for popcorn boxes other than those specified. To ensure you do not have to pay even a penny more for your order, our quality assurance department works with our client success department.

  • Using eco-friendly packaging

We use environmentally friendly packaging materials. Kraft and cardboard popcorn boxes are organic and biodegradable, so they pose no environmental threat. Boxes such as these can be recycled. They are ideal for personalizing popcorn boxes while reducing your carbon footprint.

Get your printed popcorn boxes today!

Please get in touch with us or call us today to place your order. We offer design assistance throughout the United Kingdom. Make your brand stand out today with your custom popcorn boxes.